Audio communication systems

Axitour provides audio communication systems which can be used for wireless communication during guided tours, city tours, excursions, congress and meetings. We are also provide audio communication systems which are specifically designed to suit the demanding needs of first aid services.

Meeting your needs with Axitour audio communication systems

Different systems meet different needs. Axitour provides audio communications systems that can be used for one-to-one communications, or communications within or to groups of people. If you are organising an event and would like more advice on which of our systems would best suit your needs please use the link to our contact form at the bottom of this page.

AXIWI  Audio Communication Systems Audio Communication Systems Audio Communication Systems
Axitour AXIWI Axitour AT-200 Axitour AT-300 Axitour AT-500


Simplex/Duplex explained

Applications for audio communication systems

  • Guided tours
  • City tours
  • Excursions
  • Congresses
  • Meetings
  • First Aid
  • Sports, Games & Entertainment
  • Translation services

Demonstration of Axitour systems

Would you like a demonstration without obligations of this our systems? Please contact us via  +31(0)180-691400 or use our contact form.