2 way whisper communication set

With a 2 way whisper communication set you can talk on whisper volume levels while guiding a group or during a translation during a conference.

The whisper set is commonly used for simultaneous translation during a conference, church services and commercial presentations.

Even when talking on a low volume into the whisper set all participants can hear you loud and clearly without disturbing other people. The guide or tour guide (interpreter) speaks at low volume into the headset microphone of the set. All participants will receive a receiver with earphones and through this will hear the conversation clearly. The distance between guide and participants can be between 40 -100 meters depending on local situation or inside or outside use.

The whisper set consists of the same components as a tour guide system or set. When clicking below on the marked links you will find additional information about these systems.

In our product programme we have 1 simplex whisper set and 1 duplex whisper set.

Guiding a group of people through a museum can be a real challenge for a tour guide. Other people close to your group, but not part of it, may not want to be disturbed by a tour guide who is shouting to reach all of his or her participants. A tour guide set or whisper set is a perfect solution for all participants and the environment to overcome that situation.

An Axitour guide system is a great solution.

A relieve for the voice and the tour leader can easily handle a new tour.

All participants will hearing the guide loud and clear, will not risk missing information by falling behind the group, and will not go into discussion with each other because one could not hear or understand your story.

Depending on your wishes and the objectives of your tour or simultaneous translations events, we have 3 systems available which will help you reach a perfect solution. Do you choose for a simplex (one way direction) or a duplex (two way direction) system?

Based on you application we are able to advice you the best suitable system .Below you will find our system Axitour AT 808 (simplex) and Axitour AXIWI (duplex).

The Axitour AT-808 system 

The Axitour AT-808 system is without doubt the best choice to support the spoken word under normal circumstances. This tour guide set is very easy to use. The wireless transmitter is of a perfect quality and may be used licence free in a large number of countries. For use outside Europe please consult our office.Axitour 12 slots oplaadunit

Interference free transmission of information

The Axitour AT-808 system can operate on 16 frequency channels.

Suitable for one way communication tours. The tour guide speaks and the participants listen, any questions form participants have to be repeated by the tour leader and after that he can answer the question.

Other tours in the neighbourhood using the same system can be done interference free as long as they operate on another channel.

The Axitour AXIWI system.

The Axitour AXIWI duplex system. The tourguide plus 1 or 2 participants are able to join into a conversation. All other participants will hear the discussion between them. Axiwi can be adjusted so that 2 permanent tour guides and 1 participant at a time can join in conversation. This allows the participants to ask questions to the tour leader(s)

AXIWI two way wishper kit

2 way wishper set

The system is using a licence free 2,4 GHz frequency band.

In a comfortable and relaxed manner all your guest will get the information you are willing to share.

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