Audio guide system AXIWI


The audio guide system AXIWI is our newest and most modern audio guide system available. The Axitour audio guide system AXIWI is a full duplex system. The system is handsfree and allows the guide to speak with the audience in a pleasant manner. There is no need to press any buttons as is the case with walkie-talkie systems.

Audio guide system AXIWI

Audio guide system AXIWI

Applications for Axitour audio guide system AXIWI

This Axitour full duplex wireless communication system allows it to be used in a more varied manner than more common simplex systems.

The AXIWI system allows situations such as;


  • A guided tour led by one, two or even three guides all able to speak simultaneously with the audience.
  • A guided tour or conference where it is possibly for people in the audience to communicate with the tour guide / speaker.
  • A simultaneous translation session which allows its audience to ask questions to the interpreter which in turn can ask the original speaker.
  • Various other applications


The AXIWI system with the widest number of possible applications!

Using the AXIWI system; 

The AXIWI is a full duplex audio guide system. It is a compact and lightweight unit (39 grams) which is easily worn around the neck with a lanyard or attached to a piece of clothing using a clip.

The audio guide system AXIWI has four led lights on the front which indicate the chosen frequency channel being used. The AXIWI wireless communication system also has easy to reach buttons which allows the user comfortable use of the unit.

At the front the AXIWI has a big button with an “S” on it. This is the speak button. By pressing this button it connects the unit on which the button is pressed to the master unit. By using the microphone in the headset one can now ask a question of the speaker. The question asked can be heard by everyone in the audience connected to the master unit.

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