Autoguide system AT-200

With the autoguide system AT-200 Axitour changes the manner in which participants experience a tour. The AT-200 has a robust and ergonomic design which makes it easy to hold and carry around.

Axitour AT-200

The autoguide system AT-200 is equipped with GPS, IR, RF and RFID. During a tour the AT-200 can automatically start an audio fragment when a participant approaches a predetermined location. Besides the audio fragment the display of theautoguide system AT-200 can also show an image of the object or location approached.

GPS system

A guided tour by means of GPS is normally intended for outside uses. Due to precision of GPS systems the ability to use this function effectively will depend on the distance between objects or locations.

IR system

Using infrared (IR) the object needs to be within a 10 metres radius of the AT-200 in order to enable the device to play the audio fragment automatically.

RF system

The reach when using Radio Frequency (RF) as a means to play audio fragments automatically is greater than when using IR. When using RF the radius within which the autoguide system AT-200 can start playing a fragment is 30 metres.

RFID system

Finally the AT-200 can be configured to be activated using RFID. In this case the AT-200 will need to be held within a 10cm radius to start an audio fragment.

The AT-200 is equipped with 2 phone jacks to connect a headset and also has a built-in speaker. It enables the autoguide system  to be used by two people simultaneously.

AT-200 rondleidingsysteem RFID

The audio quality equals that of a CD which means audio fragments will be clear and intelligible.

The autoguide system is suitable for 32 languages. The device can store up to 950 audio files per language.

Features of Axitour autoguide system AT-200

  • High quality speaker built in
  • High resolution screen built in
  • Soft and backlit keypad
  • Two phone jacks for dual use
  • Storage of up to 9.000 audio files
  • Available for 32 different languages
  • Variabele tour programmes possible
  • Anti-theft system built in


  • Earphones


Demonstration of Axitour autoguide system AT-200

Would you like a demonstration without obligations of this guide system? Please contact us via  +31(0)180-691400 or use our contact form.