Axitour AT-300 Tour guide system

The tour guide system AT-300 was specifically designed for tour operators and travel companies which want to bring tour guide system while they travel. The system is easy to use, light weight and has a perfect reach to provide all your participants with valuable information wirelessly for example during a city walk. The system can be used both in and outside a bus which enables the driver or tour guide to provide the tour him or herself.


Applications of the tour guide system AT-300

  • Guided tours Museums
  • City and Park walks
  • Tour operators
  • Congresses and meetings
  • Interpreter activities
  • Simultaneous translating


The tour guide system AT-300 tour guide system is a simplex (one way) communication system. The system provides for over 40 free channels, which is sufficient for the applications shown above. The system uses 2 rechargable AA batteries, which when charged provide enough capacity for more than a days worth of use of the system.

User friendliness and simplicity

The system is user friendly and is simple to operate. When the system is switched on you will have time to select the channel of your choice. When the desired channel has been selected and the selection buttons are not touched for 10 seconds the system will auto-lock. When the system is locked you will only have the option to adjust the volume or to completely turn off the system.

axitour-at-300-communication-system-charger-kit axitour-at-300-communication-system-inside-kit

License free frequency

The AT-300 tour guide system uses license free radio frequencies. This means that you can use this system freely anywhere in Europe. The distance between transmitter and receiver is between 30-100 metres depending on whether the system is used indoors or outdoors and whether any obstructions are present that might interfere with the signal.

Technical specification tour guide system AT-300

Charging accessories tour guide system AT-300

  • Charging system for 2 units
  • Charging / carry case for 12 units
  • Charging / carry case for 24 units

Other accessoires AT-300 tour guide system

  • Headset microphone type “head band”
  • Headset microphone type “glasses”
  • Ear plugs