AXIWI two way radio communication system

AXIWI two way radio communication systeem

Ad an extra dimension to your tour by using the AXIWI full duplex tour guide system

two way radio

Two way radio communication system

In other words: it is a two way radio communication system.

Guiding wuth this AXIWI tour guide system adds an extra dimension to your tour, as if wanted each follower can get in contact with the tour leader. Ofcourse you also can adjust in a way that it just works as a one direction system. But in case you have a important plant tour with clients it might be desirable that they can get in contact with the leader and that at the same all folowers can hear the specifik quetions that are being posed to the tour leader.

Each unit on its turn, can get in contact with the leader. Maximum 2  followers can speak simultaneaously.with the leader  Any unit can get in contact on its turn with the leader if wanted.  Two units can speak with the leader and all other units can listen to the conversation between the 3 units

With this tourgguide system your customers will have the possibily to get in direct contact with the tour leader and place his questions directly.

The tour guide does not have to repaet the questions as all other followers are also hearing the question placed by one of the followers. The leader answers the question and further question may or may not follow.

Besides the leader two persons can get in contact with the leader at the same time.

After answering the question the leader can take out the line and allow other followers to contact and place a question. The pe En alle deelnemers horen opnieuw de discussie. De persoon die de vraag heeft gesteld hoeft niet helemaal naar voren te komen om zijn vraag direct in het gezicht van de lewho wants to place his question does not need to come forward in front of the leader ot place his question.

A system with an top sound quality , a very professional look and very many possibilities.

Each unit can be set as  “master “ or as  ‘follower (slave)”

This means that in case you have bought 20 units you even could make 4 groups of 5 units and they can also do a tour  seperately

Very suitable for conferences where public is allowed to participate, there is no need for an expensive sound system.

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