Axitour AT-500 Tour guide system

The Axitour AT-500 tour system is one of our most popular communication systems for tour guides. With a weight of 70 grams this communication system is a lightweight. This communication system is used both in situations with normal noise conditions as in areas with noise levels of more than 75DB. The AT-500 tour system is very easy to use and intended for one-way communication. The guide speaks and the participants can listen.

axitour-at-500-communication-system-receiver axitour-at-500-simplex-communication-system

Applications of tour guide system AT-500

  • Guided Tours – recreational, business, cultural
  • Guided Tours Museums
  • City Tours and Park Walks
  • Congresses and meetings
  • Interpreter activities
  • Translating simultaneously

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License free frequency

The Axitour AT-500 tour system is a simplex (one way) communication system. The system provides for over 40 free channels and works with the frequency band 863 MHz – 865 MHz license-free radio frequency. This means that you can use this system freely anywhere in Europe. Please contact the staff of Axitour for more information about using the system out of Europe. The distance between transmitter and receiver is between 30-100 metres depending on whether the system is used indoors or outdoors and whether any obstructions are present that might interfere with the signal.

Charging system

A charging system accommodates 25 units. The units are powered by a rechargeable battery. The discharged batteries needs 15 hours to be full loaded. Both the transmitter and receiver with charged batteries will last for 10 hours. For the full description of charging an Axitour AT-500 unit, refer to the user below. Note: The charging unit and case can’t be ordered separately.

For logistical and hygienically reasons we are often work with so-called ‘disposable’ ears. After use, the guests keep his own earpiece and the systems can immediately back into the charger so you don’ t worry about hygiene. In addition, the ears don’t need to be cleaned. That saves a lot of time and work. Do you need another type of earphones / headphones for your application? Please contact our customer service.

axitour-at-500-charging-station axitour-at-500-technical-specificatications

The tour guide (speaker)

For the tour guide (guide, speaker), there are a number of different microphones available. The most of the  guides choose a microphone for on the head. This is in form of a headband or in the form of glasses so you have both hands free. By the headset microphone, put the microphone close to your mouth so the distance between microphone and mouth is permanently the same. This obtains a constant noise and minimize distracting background noises into the microphone. The microphone is connected to a transmitter which hangs on a lanyard or belt. If desired, one can use as a handheld microphone transmitter with a plug-in microphone. In addition, it is possible to connect a separate audio source (MP3 player) to the transmitter.

The participant (listener)

All participants get a receiver with earphone. The receivers are supplied with a neck strap and belt clip and because it’s a light weight not considered as nuisance. Both the transmitter and receiver have access to 16 channels, and each unit has a LED light so you can see if there is income. Transmitter and receiver must obviously be set to the same channel. If the battery capacity is less than half an hour there will be automatically light up a red LED light.