Businesses and conferences

Tour guide systems for businesses and conferences

Axitour has various systems available for people organising events for businesses and conferences.


Application Description
Business presentation (image) Not every business has the facilities available for a dedicated presentations room. However if you do often give presentations, either internally to your staff or externally to customers or other business relations, and want to ensure what you say is clearly heard by all then use our AT-300. If portraying a highly professional image is important to the nature of your presentation we recommend you consider AT-808.
Seminar (image) When a seminar is mostly to provide information one way, we recommend either AT-300 or AT-808. If there is a requirement for a lot of interaction between presenter and audience, Axitour systems axiwi is recommended.
Conference (image) Ensure your guests are impressed with the professionalism of every aspect of your conference, use AT-808.
Building tour (image) Guiding a group of people through your building can be a source of disruption to your employees who are busy with day to day business. Using a wireless tour guide system such as AT-300, AT-808 or axiwi, will help your tour guide to speak at a comfortable level to ensure intrusion to your employees is kept to a minimum while getting all important information across to your visitors.
Plant tour (image) The strengths and benefits of using a wireless communication system really stand out when guiding a group of people through a noisy factory or across a site. Without a system it may be difficult for the guide to get his message across, and people have to clutter together to just be able to hear snippets of what is being said. Any of our systems AT-300, AT-808 or axiwi will help you to ensure maximum comfort and impact for both guide and visitors.