Sports and Games

Axitour wireless tour guide systems are also used in various sports and games related activities. Both AT-500 and AT-300 are ideal for activities where an instructor is speaking to a trainee or group of trainees that are “on the move”.

The instructor can provide instructions in real time, and can do this without the need to raise voice to make himself be heard by the trainee.

If it is important that there is the possibility for a trainee to ask questions as well, or for a referee to communicate with a fellow referee Axitour’s AXIWI duplex communication system provides the possiblity for 2 way communication between 2 or 3 people simultaneously. With AXIWI the group of receivers may be much larger, but there can ever only be 2-way communication between 2 or 3 people at one time.

Some sports related area’s you may find Axitour systems

  • Mountain climbing
  • Coaching
  • Bicycling
  • Horse riding
  • Rowing
  • Refereeing
  • In-line skating
  • Skiing
  • Bicycle racing
  • Sailing