Tourists are increasingly comfortable with the use of modern communication devices while visiting new places.

In some countries the use of wireless communication systems has already been adopted widely as a means to help enhance the experience of tourists when they are going out on a tour. In cities such as Rome, Barcelona and Athens the use of wireless tour guide systems has already been widely implemented.

Axitour wireless guide systems help tour companies and event organizers to provide engaging tours. The systems help make the tours more active, more educative and more interesting for all participants.
Besides systems which require tour guides to provide the content, Axitour can provide systems which can be used independently by tourists themselves. These systems can be used without the need for a personal guide, and will play content through the use of GPS location or RFID.

Axitour systems are suitable for use by;

Cruise companies
Boat hire companies
Tour companies and tour operators
Tour guides
Theme parks