Sport communication set

A wireless sport communication set / kit  helps to improve safety and increase fun.

Communication between two or more people while sporting is not always easy. For example when running or cycling in a group, one tends to run or cycle behind or next to each other. Communication with each other appears to be not that easy.

With our  sport communication set / kit safety will increase and enjoyment can be shared.

When taking a horse ride in the woods or riding on the beach, talking with each other can be hard at times. With our duplex (2 way) wireless and hands free AXIWI sport communication set / kit it is easy to talk with each other.

Our 2 way (full duplex) hands free sport communication set / kit is successfully being used for coaching, refereeing and with a large number of sports where communication is disturbed by noise, distance etc.

The communication set is already being used successfully by football referees, rugby referees, hockey coaches and referees, and handball and netball referees.

The communication set is also used for coaching and guiding blind sportsmen/ women while skiing, wall climbing etc.

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