Referee communication kit

A wireless referee communication kit is a perfect help for quick and easy communication between referees.

In many sports and games we see more than just one referee. Communication between referees becomes increasingly difficult when more officials are involved in a match.

In professional football, 4 referees are the standard, sometimes 6 when there are also assistant referees in place behind the goals.

When using a communication system, in most cases, the leading referee in the field has a set and so will the 2 linesman and the 4th official.

Besides football there are many other sports where more than one referee is involved in a match, in some American sports you may find even up to 8 referees involved in a single sports match.

Depending on the required level of communication Axitour has two systems available which can help improve communication between referees during matches. Which system may suit your requirements is best discussed with us directly.

If you are interested to find out more about how our systems can help improve referee communication during a match, please contact us.

The referee communication kit is used in all kinds of sports

The AXIWI system consist of a “master unit” which is communicating with all other units. The number of units can be up to 10 or even more. 3 people can speak with each other at the same time and all other units will be able to hear the conversation between these 3 people.The person with the “master unit” can break the contact with these other two units in order to allow new communication links with other units to be established.

To establish communication with the master unit, anyone with a AXIWI unit simply presses the “S” button on the unit which will than create a connection between the “slave unit” and “master unit”.

The comfortable in-ear headset with boom microphone weighs 14 gram only.

If so desired, every assistent referee (e.g the lines man) is able to communicate permanently with the main referee in the field. In case the main referee wants to get in contact with the 4th official he can do this by pushing the “S” button on his unit and at that time the two lines men are taken away from the connection. The main referee can now communicate with the 4th official. The lines men will be able to hear the discussion between the referee and 4th official.

  • A system with which each unit is capable of getting into communication with the “master unit”.
  • A perfectly affordable alternative for other very high priced professional systems.

The AXIWI unit is a light weight system, weighing only 40 gram.

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