Sport coach communication system

AXIWI Sport coach communication system.

During training for sports e.g.rowing, the coach often rides alongside on shore shouting instructions, sometimes using a portable speaker.

In almost all cases the communication  is 1-way as speaking back from the boat is nearly impossible.

Coaching becomes more fun and safer if instructions can be given and received in a easy manner, and that it is possible to ask for specific instructions if required. Get feedback from your pupil.

With the AXIWI sport coaching system it is fully possible to speak with 3 people simultaneously. It is possible if required, for more people to listen to any ongoing conversations, and if needed they can get in touch with the group leader.

Reach of the system is about 100m-150m  when in clear line of sight.

AXIWI sport coach duplex communication kit

Sport coach 2 way communication system

The unit is light weight  (39 gram) and on full charge can be used for about 8 hours. The system allows hands free communication which is a great help for any form of training.



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